Weekend bits

Hello guys,  how was your weekend ? Mine was filled with isale eko shopping around on Saturday and goofing around  rocking my jelly shoes on Sunday.
When i started this blog i had a mini closet full of pieces that i only knew how to wear one or two ways,  because i did not know how to shop for versatile pieces or how to utilize a piece in multiple ways,  I found myself feeling like i had to buy more and more clothes to diversify my wardrobe.  One of my goals with this blog is to be able to build a wardrobe that i could get more depth out of,  so i had to learn how to do it.
Using  Google search engine before taking my market trip,  i decided to search for wardrobe basics using “Clothing  basics, Clothing must haves,  Wardrobe basics…” as my key search words which i use(d) in making my guide list.  PS.  If you are an impulse shopper like me,  make your guide list your handbag and glasses 👜 👓  and also if you are quite choosy like me that falls in love at first sight, and after trying the love disappears, then go with Ribenna, it helps boost me back up.  So after walking back and forth, i got most of my guide list items and went home to rest.

Sunday started out awesome with Sunday school church service, then off to fix my fingernails which do not look as cool as my mental preview.

I had a hangout with my friend Kenny, in the mall catching a movie,  Captain America –  Civil war.  The movie was POW!!!  Lagos got featured in the beginning scene, pronunciation of Lagos was just too funny for the cinema audience.  The traffic, the portrayal of chaos during the blast was all perfect.  At the end people started debating which was better ; ‘ Batman Vs Superman’ and ‘ Civil war ‘. What is your stand on that debate as i did not watch Batman Vs Superman  movie.
All thanks to the rain,  my slaying add -on to my outfit was my pink jelly shoe reminding me of ‘ Simbi goes to school shoes





Would be posting looks on how i am rocking my basic outfit looking like a Victoria Beckham  with a Zendayaflow.
Please do forget to subscribe down below via email 👇👇👇 and do tell me how your weekend went.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. thecoollook says:

    Lovely nail color, suits your hand . You should give us more nail tips 😊.


    1. labakeany says:

      Thank you 😀.


  2. Dexter says:



  3. Isale eko shopping sounds nice, how did I miss this post? Please help me, I have been searching endlessly for jelly sandals….hook a sister up.

    7 Things I Miss About My Childhood


    1. labakeany says:

      I got mine from a friend but have seen same desgin and others at yaba towards mama tega side.. Thks for reading and do subscribe so you do not miss a post 😀😀.. Thank you


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