Apologies back and better || Weather change gear ups

Hi guys!!!
I am so sorry for my prolonged absence. I have been busy with work, coupled with some personal hiccups by the side. I promise to be better and consistent henceforth.
I am gearing up for the harmattan season in Lagos,Nigeria ; time to pay constant attention to my skin .
I know moisturizers should be my best friend  ,what else do you think should ?
I also want to upgrade my make up game, like I am that bad even with the blessings of make up artist as friends. With all that on the table I am ready to transition to a flawless, honey glowing

skin 💆 .

Omoge MuRa makeup startup kit

That’s a page copy The Guardian news , a beauty section by Deola Adebisi founder of OmogeMuRa
Also loving iamdodos YouTube channel ,amazing skin care routine alongside make up do’s and don’t.
Learning my skin type and getting the best out of it seems exciting, saw this picture of coconut oil benefit on my Pinterest

Benefits of coconut oil

Coco Anteror  of the albimazing network YouTube channel  is a great vlogger for lip stick tutorials . Thanks to a late birthday gift received ( Chika and Moyin 😚) , I have two Colour pop matte lip stain in shade Creeper and Guess.

Moyin & Chika

What is your beauty skin routine, views and blogs for me to check out ?
Your comment would be much appreciated..
!!! Would be giving away one ticket to highlites with Ik ,follow the steps below and voila it can be yours  :mrgreen: #Instagram entries #October 4th #Happy Independence Day

Highlites with Ik

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend ahead .
Thrive beautifully

Style & Thrive Beautifully


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Olaitan says:

    Your friends are beautiful and you’re not alone on this makeup issue. Coconut oil is goood! Like, is there anything it can’t do?. My beauty routine is Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize.


    1. Elizabethany says:

      That seems like an easy routine . Thank you and Happy holiday .


  2. Profsheye says:

    I don’t have any beauty routine, just here to snoop on the beautiful publisher of this blog 😊😊😊.

    OK, bye!


    1. Elizabethany says:

      Try to have one, I believe you stay on planet earth and in a country which has different Weather seasons .. Beauty routine helps promote skin radiance (male & female inclusive ) . Thank you for snooping 😀


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