Pro(No)crastination ..Pro(Yes)ductivity

Hello guys!
How have you been, I hope my post meets you in all positivity . Today’s post should have been a style look but I fell short on pictures so I am settling for this topic rather than no post.
According to Oxford Dictionary cited here Procrastination –

The act of postponing or delaying something.

Begin !!!

At a point in time, I was the sort of person that would plan activities/projects to do and end up leaving those tasks as unfulfilled plans.
I decided to retrace my steps and talked to a couple of friends  (Having  friends that motivate you is a gift I am grateful for ) ,one’s response to me was “just post this weekend, I am not taking no for an answer ” That woke me up to throw all my negative reasons out and I got typing ✌  . Often times we need a check up  to wake up to our personal growth .
People’s thoughts can be like a deep well, but someone with understanding can find wisdom there .
  Questions I had to ask  ??

• Why are you holding back . 
Nothing worthwhile is ever easy
• What would you achieve if you stop holding back .
• Start and focus step by step .
Steady steady wins the race
• Improve your skills by studying .
Study to shew thyself approved
• Be fair to yourself in judgement .
• Take a mini break when overwhelmed .
You are your own limit !!!

I still ask myself these questions to keep me focused.
Thank you for reading, please drop your comments, connect with me on social media @labakeany  , email me on anything you like to when in need for my perspective .

Have a wonderful weekend ahead .
Style & Thrive Beautifully

Style & Thrive Beautifully


2 Comments Add yours

  1. As I read this, I’m procrastinating on studying. It’s sad really. But I enjoyed reading your post, even if it made me feel guilty about not studying


    1. Elizabethany says:

      Aww thanks for reading.. Please study also ..Cheers


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