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Hello guys!!!
How are we doing ,hope great.  It is with pleasure to publish this topic not just because I am a Riri fan and she’s killing the faux locs look ,or that I just took out my faux locs that I didn’t rock so much but because my friend Imisiayo did the honours to write this post *hands mics*

Queenin goddess locs 👑

Hi everyone  👋
The importance of protective styles cannot be overemphasized. These are styles to keep your hair out of the way for a while to recover or prevent damage from over manipulation, weather and you.
If you’re wondering what protective style to make, you should try Faux locs/dreads. They are all the rave right now. You can hardly go wrong with locs and there are many different ways to rock locs or dreads without having to loc your hair. Here are a few tips on how to care for your locs so you don’t end up with less hair than you started with. 

• Deep condition and moisturise your hair before your protective style. 
This helps to strengthen and prepare your hair before it’s tucked away especially if it is a protein deep conditioner. 
• Do not make them too tight. 
Most faux locs have a threading pattern and it’s quite easy for the stylist to get carried away and pull your hair into the loc to make it stiff. Ask for your loc to be loose at most or all of your edges would come off.

Bob fauxlocs

• Moisturise your roots and the locs as often as you can. 
It’s easy to forget about your hair in a protective style. Your hair still needs to be cared for. Moisturise your roots with a good oil like Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, olive oil or you could be liberal and add a few drops of essential oil to the mix. This prevents your new growth and edges from breaking out of dryness. Moisturise along the length of the locs too so your locs do not look like a dry mop. Be careful with how much water you add to your hair so it doesn’t smell.
• Try to reduce manipulation. 
Put your locs in styles that prevent over manipulation daily or put too much tension on your edges. Locs get heavier with time and can pull your edges while styling. 
•Don’t leave them in for too long. 
Locs get prettier as they age and you can get too comfortable with having them in your hair. I would advise a period of 4-8 weeks and take them out. You don’t want your hair matting underneath the locs and difficult to   loosen after take out.

Riri gang #Riri squad 😒

As long as you follow these steps, you should enjoy the period of your protective style. These tips can also applied to braids so braids lovers are not left out. 
Join the train if you haven’t. Locs are very beautiful.
I know I have learnt quite a lot and would still keep learning. Ps. Imisiayo is a hair blogger, do check out her site here for more tips on hair care..  Thank you Imisiayo for this wonderful post .

Have a wonderful week ahead .
Style & Thrive Beautifully

Style & Thrive Beautifully

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  1. Imisioluwa says:

    This is really an inspiration… Thank u so much…


  2. Great post with helpful tips. Your friend’s locs are really nice. I really appreciate the tip about taking the locs out even though they still look good (if done well, I’m sure they can last 6 months!) That would save so many people a lot of damage!


    1. Elizabethany says:

      Thank you, I would let her know. Yes they can ,I know of people that leave in braids for 2months before taking it out and later complain their hair is weak or the worse.. Thank you for reading.


  3. Tega Enai says:

    After seeing Rihanna rocking this locs which looks incredibly gorgeous, I fell in love and will really want to try it out.
    Great post dear.

    Tega Enai Blog
    Fashion | Lifestyle | Everything In Between


    1. labakeany says:

      Niceeeeee, I can’t wait to see you rock the locs trend.

      Liked by 1 person

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