Event Report || Game changers,About That Curvy Life #ATCL

Hi guys..
How are we doing *smiles* ? I am all shades of excited of late, so many things happening and I am pleased to be in the know of the happenings..  I got a mail invite from a blogger friend Kene Kingsley About That Curvy Life press conference #ATCL  ,my insta stories showcased some clips of the event.  It is an awesome project ,I have a soft spot for projects thrives y’all know that by now I guess. 


We all know a plus size person either a friend/family/neighbour/crush and we probably label fat and unhealthy *I don’t think Melissa McCarthy is unhealthy, I think she’s beautiful, smart and confident in herself * which is what I believe style should be all about , Confidence not distress in wearing tight wears  cause it’s the trend of the moment..

Everyone has the right to be & feel beautiful in every size #ATCL

Everyone deserves a place ,I am happy to share the news on the first ever plus size participation in the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016 . About That Curvy Life #ATCL would be showcasing hotness, body confidence and positivity on the first day of the Fashion week (26th of October 2016)

image                        ☝👇☝
Latasha Ngwube , CEO of About That Curvy Life. Check out her instagram page here ,website here . #Isupportgrowth #ATCL
I can’t wait to see ,there’s even a chunky men collection to be showcased  *if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is 💃*   Ps. Not all African men can fit into Zara pants

imageSuit confidence  ✌

image Congratulations to About That Curvy Life , Supporting partners (Intel, Pop up +, Mr  Epa , Gbemisoke footwear ,Tosfa  everyone..

imageThank you for reading, do not forget to comment, follow me on Instagram here ,Twitter here , Share the post using the share icon below, Tell a friend to tell a friend..
Have a lovely week ahead .

Style & Thrive Beautifully

4 Comments Add yours

  1. “Everyone has the right to be & feel beautiful in every size”
    Kudos to Latasha for encouraging body positivity with the site and the label!


  2. Ngumabi says:

    Being curvy is part of our identity as Africans. Let’s love it and embrace it.


    1. Elizabethany says:

      Yes it is.. Thank you dear


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