Let’s meet || Chika Amaechina

Hi guys, how are you?
What has been happening with you all, I am all eyes to read what you have been up to>> hit those comments let’s get social. I am super excited to share my interview with Chika Amaechina, CEO of the Thebellestore. Let get started  🙂

#Beauty and boldness

Labakeany: Can you tell us a bit about yourself.
Chika: I am Chika Amaechina, a 400level student of Unilag. Playful,
Hardworking, and God fearing.
Labakeany: How did Thebellestore come about.

Chika: It all started when I finished my diploma(equivalent to year 1), my sister was into the business as a side job where I picked up interest, started advertising to my friends, and on some social media platforms. Also being a hair lover and a very resourceful person I started up Thebellestore, we were into different female items initially. I learnt from Tyler Perry the importance of focusing on something and doing the best with it, I then decided to make Thebellestore a brand that deals strictly in Virgin hair extensions in August  2013.

Virgin hair extensions #thebellestore

Labakeany: So far how has the experience been, your shortcomings, success and the likes.
Chika: It’s been Educating, Adventurous, Rough and Fulfilling. I built my  capital with the help of monetary gifts, loans to growing customer base. The brand has grown consistently from difficulty encounters with getting the best suppliers, shipping, supplying to suit increasing orders e.t.c but by God’s grace they have been nothing but stepping stone.

Hairtitude #thebellestore

Labakeany: You mentioned earlier about being in school, so how have you been juggling school, your business and even your personal life.
Chika: With God’s grace, I can say I am good at multitasking. I also endeavour to maximize my time, exploring  social media platforms to promote the sales of the product, working with efficient delivery services > fast track delivery  to ensure my clients get their orders promptly and in good condition.

Hairgasm #thebellestore

Labakeany: What’s your best piece of advice to starters.
Chika: Don’t hesitate to start, no matter how small remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient with customers and ensure the best products & services are provided.

Look for the best products for your customers,and you won’t look for customers for your products
– Unknown

Also ignore all negative energy & destructive criticism.
Labakeany: Share random feedback(s) since your startup.
Chika : I have received soo many amazing reviews about my products. I can’t actually point out any best but I tend to share some on my social media pages. It gives me soo much joy anytime I receive great feedback.
Quick question Chika.. There’s this makeup memes image of makeup artists first impression look out is based on the makeup of who walks up to them, for you is it the hair 😂😂
Chika : *laughs* No it’s not.

Hairmeme #thebellestore

Okay guys so we have met Chika, an amazing successful lady.  Do check out Thebellestore , place your orders, give feedback to her #supportthegrowth  .
Ps.  This post is the beginning of let’s meet post category , I am all about positive growth  and they are not paid post and the replies are truly theirs. Thank you for reading, do not forget to comment, follow me on InstagramTwitter, Share the post using the share icon below, Tell a friend to tell a friend..
Have a lovely week ahead .

Style & Thrive Beautifully

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mackson Wakama says:

    Great work! Keep it up!


  2. Daniel says:

    Awesome… but I have a question… is social media platforms one of the major reason her customer base keep increasing?


    1. thecoollook says:

      Yes ,social media and of course selling the right quality of products


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