About || Labakeany

Hello ! I’m Labake Anyebe, I am a believer of simplicity is fun and chicĀ  all you need is some dose of confidence to work it 💯.


IĀ started labakeany to be able to reach out to people as well as myself on my quest through beauty, style andĀ  inspiration which is my blog tagline. I am passionate about meeting people, learning and unlearningĀ  as well as making a positive mark wherever I am.

#beauty #style #inspiration

My blog goals
ā€¢ To reach as many amazing individuals irrespective of race and cultural heritage, getting to know their personalities, struggles andĀ  achievement.

I am me, you are you and we all are unique.

ā€¢ Create good killer blog contents that keeps you informed and entertained.
ā€¢ Increase my blog traffic by at least 30% every three (3) months.
ā€¢ To work with amazing brands.

Let’s connectĀ 
Instagram || Twitter || Facebook
Email 💌 ā†Ŗ labakeany@yahoo.com

Style & Thrive Beautifully


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