Designer Spotlight || Bridget Awosika

Hi Fam.
Happy weekend to you. Paying rapt attention to this year Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week was like never before, bloggers, designers, the media, models everyone brought that event home. I attended via my social media feeds, thanks to instagram with their insta stories 🙇 it was a live game.

fashion is my football  💪

I came across amazing designers, I have no idea why I’m just knowing but now that I do, I am not letting go I repeat I am not letting go  😂😂.
Bridget Awosika is one of the amazing designers I came across, she’s all about details. If you are an individual that does not want to do the whole wear this wear that, add this on top all just to make a statement Bridget Awosika is your go to  ✋.  Words can be sweet and all lies but pictures can’t,  shall we

imageWhere would I not rock this outfits to??

imagePurple is not just one of my favorite colours, it’s shades just knows how to blend in. No wonder it’s called the colour of royalty 💃. I love the black ruffles, makes me feel like twirling. I would definitely rock the purple with black pathway lines anytime >> jeans + Face cap +Glasses=We out 😎 , suit pants + Blazer/Jacket (shoulder sling style) + Footwear = Boss lady and Skirts+ Play in the wind hair +Sneakers = Be free.  *Did i just plan outfits with outfit I don’t have in my possession yet  😓*

imageAll I can say is I want some of these spicy wears *inserts prayer “Surprise me Oh Lord ” Amen *

imageNeutrals!! Pastels!! Monochrome mood activated 😵.

imageI saw this picture and all I saw was therealrhonkefella in it, she would totally slay on it.

imageI love how Bridget Awosika plays with colours and the details are just superb. I love to have her designs cause it’s style in every way without stress.  Spot my style crush Nikki in the pink pastel PS. I talked about her as a style crush here.
What do you guys think??

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. dooneyblack says:

    I enjoyed reading this post !! I also love her designs, I totally see myself rocking these


    1. labakeany says:

      Thank you dooneyblack

      Liked by 1 person

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