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Waa gwan guys!!!  How was  Christmas and Boxing day for you, I spent mine with family cooking and bonding over wine and junk food eating. Today’s post is long due for December is the official season for weddings in Nigeria where a lot of people travel to their respective home towns for wedding engagement/traditional shenanigans. I’m going to be showcasing amazing wedding styles from a designer I not only admire but love to be wed in one of his exquisite wedding collections. *straight face here guys I’m serious* 

Queenin in Maiatafo!!!

Mai designs are always well detailed from cuts to fabric choice and colour. The males always looking dapper be it long tail end suits or the regular 007 James bond waist length suits with fancy add ons lapel pins and sleek ties.

Men in Mai

Check out the inner fabric of the blue suit man, very pleasing to the eyes wind blowing or not  you never go wrong in a Mai. I notice what some fashion individuals lack is good finishing and Mai brings style in all its grace home 🕵.

Stunning with pops of white

This would be amazing as a reception look, what do you guys think of wedding gowns not in the colour white. It’s a norm for white to be the look of the day but I have seen daring brides in other colours not white. What’s your take on it guys???

Wedding black gown

I think I’m down for any colour be it white, pink which still is soft and feminine or the slimming black.

Such beauties 😍😍

What of short dresses in place of long flowing gowns??? Men please get in here and share your views on this.

Short bridal dress or Long flowing gowns??

I stand as a 5ft3 lady with much love for my short dresses and say ….. if I feel wowed in a short bridal dress, I’m going for a short bridal look.

Let the magic begin!!!

Corset , hat all shades of a boss chic look , this is all so much to take in. How do you brides do it big ups to wedding planners and friends that help out cause wedding is indeed a trying time.

Check out the gown end and the flowers😗😗

For those that do not know the face behind this amazing work of beauty , say hello to the man himself .To those who have seen “The wedding party” movie, the whole attire is a maiatafo collection, I hope you enjoyed the movie because I did and it is an amazing one.

Mai Atafo
Maiatafo Gang!!!

Who can spot out the ladies in suit, don’t they look amazing. I caption “yeah I can look good  also in a maiatafo suit wear even as a female” What’s your caption guys???
For more details, do check out Mai Atafo page here  and his wedding page on Instagram .

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yassssss girl! Mai Atafo is one designer that keeps me screaming and sometimes crying cuz of how amazing his pieces are. Such talent! Well tailored and structured pieces to die for.
    God make us big o CuZ Mai Atafo is on the list of my wedding planning team mehn! 🙌🙌🙌
    Tosin xx.


    1. labakeany says:

      🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. You have said it all b, Amen oh God make us big.


  2. mzjolaade says:

    I love mai atafo, as a fashion designer he really inspires me to be better at what i do. I v him on my wedding mood board already, he z designing my wedding dress except i come up with a really nice design for myself, I’ve watched d weddimg party, dat muvee was my best in 2016. Happy new year dear.


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