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Hey there, Happy Valentine!!!  It’s interesting how everyone deciphers “valentine day”. To you all that has been with me from the start, to those reading for the first time I love you all 🙌🏽.  

Auto-méditation is just a french way of saying self musing which is my mood of the day.  Thinking through the highlights of having this blog has to be the people I have been able to interact with either through comments, social media conversations and also people I run into. 

Happy valentine!!!

Someone once said to me “I know I have lofty dreams but alot of times the universe has a way in conspiring to make them happen and bring into reality”  With that being said I’m putting down my lofty dreams;

• To make my blog content amazingly good that it inspires you at every read. 

• To interact with you on the most realist level with/without meeting you physically, thereby there’s an exchange of views on the subject. 

• I want the blog to be a connection not just to myself and you the reader but even between readers in a smart fun way.

My plans to achieve this is through constant posting, constant engagement between us all through the comments (Pretty please always leave your comments, I love hearing from you) and meet ups now and then.

What are your dreams lofty or not and how do you plan to achieve them 🌼

Have a nice day and allow the sun shine it all on you, don’t forget you are your mother miracle ✨

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lofty Dreams:
    To learn strength in the midst of pain
    To run the NGO successfully without debts or loans lol
    To start off “The Cinnamon Girl” asap (even though it seems quite impossible right now)


    1. labakeany says:

      I’m interested in “Cinnamon Girl” , congrats on your campaign on “Notes to my teenage self” , it’s an amazing one. lol I can relate to your second dream and I’m with you on the first. Thanks for sharing and cheers to achieving.

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