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Hi guys!!! How is the year 2017 going and treating you? I am happy my blogging life is getting part and parcel of me, it is one of my goals of the year amongst  Click for my goals!!!  Data is truly life as airtel network says for I have been surfing the web more than usual and I came across a lot of style trends, almost more than a hundred which I would be sharing with you.Not to worry, I am not sharing the whole hundred + trend, at least not all on one post.

I have been hearing of “trends trends trends ” and I wonder what does it take to be trendy, what style formula is there to get viral trendy and stay strong like our “off shoulder” trend. Today’s post is on trend predictions for the year, I would love to hear from you so let’s get this trend predict trendy * Did I just rhyme🕴🏽*

First on the list is *Drumroll*

  • The Ruffle trend : Showcase of this trend on the last concluded Lagos Fashion And Design Week (Lfdw) 2016 edition by designers Bridget Awosika (Check out her style collection on the runway) , Iamsigo, SlashedByTai, Loza_Maleombho

Bridgetawosika Ruffle Slip Dress
IamSigo ruffles

Moving forward to style bloggers making waves on this trend.

Rantiinreview in a Ruffle Tulle
Mzdemi_Akin sitting pretty in ruffles
Yoyokulala #Ruffles in cashmere

  • Slip dress :  

    Sexiness and cool  is the new slip!!!

    This trend just spells sexiness on a whole new level and I am not talking bedroom night times or fantasy nights, I am talking “chill out time ” with that sexy,comfortable yet stylish vibe.Slip dresses worn over tees or sweaters started way back to the spring runway fashion in 1994. With  variation of clothing texture of silk to velvet to chiffon like material and also prints layout, slip dress is my new wear style.

    Go big or overboard
    Village geh slips in dress and sneakers
    Sexiness is the new slip
    Tees or sweats strut in slip dress
  • Top layering  :  I would just let the picture inspirations do it’s justice.  Y’all watch and predict.


Punkcherry in a bandeau

All shimmery!!!

  • Fish nets 

I admire the vibes this trend gives, from sexy to a “prince of Bel air” cool and I can’t wait to jump on it’s wagon.

Fish net!!!
Layering style X Fish nets
Denim just got cooler!!!

What do you think guys about all these trends, which are you open to trying out as well as tried??What do you think makes a trend trendy?  Let’s get talking🌻

Picture source : Instagram 

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. totally with ya girl!!!!! I’ve definitely seen some of these Trends. on. my fave bloggers!!! Love the post and that layering is definitely lit!!! I also love the exxagerated sleeves trend


    1. labakeany says:

      Thanks Vincent. I’m on the search for exaggerated sleeves.


  2. Ada says:

    Mehn am so trying the slip dress soon. Iv been writing on a lot of trends on my blog lately. Have you seen them yet?? You should dear. happy Sunday girl


    1. labakeany says:

      I’m off to check them. I’m loving the slip dress trend also, tried it with layering tho. Thanks Ada


  3. lauracookson says:

    Really enjoyed your post. I am so in love with all these trends at the moment… give me ruffles on everything!!!


  4. Oluwatobi says:

    I love your blog. Glad I found it.


    1. labakeany says:

      Thank you Tobi. I hope to keep updating with more things you love.


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