Shoe Tuesday || Gafa sandals 

Hi lovelies !!! Welcome to yet another beautiful tuesday where being stylish not just targets your clothing details , the sleeves or prints they come in.  The act of turning a simple outfit into a jazzed up outfit can as well be the little brooch added or the headwrap giving you a not so regular look. With all those factors in mind, it’s no brain teaser that I chose  Gafasandals  collection for emphasis.


I am loving the play of colours and creativity Gafasandals offers.

Pop of fringe!!!
Sliver lining with a sash of black!!!
H theme
Neutral pastel!!!

Check out more from Gafasandals

What do you guys look out for when choosing a footwear??? Do drop your commments, I always love to hear and interact with you 🌼

PS. You can find me @labakeany with just a click on the desired platform below, let’s be friends!!!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. mzjolaade says:

    I love gafa sandals, i wish i cud own a pair. She’s reallu creative with dem, d designs are just really lovely. Love d white slippers most 😍


  2. I waaaant a pair so bad. Grace is doing such a great job.


    1. labakeany says:

      I want the brown mules from her recent collection. Yes she is

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