The fundamental rule of fashion 

    Hello there, do you ever wonder what story your outfit tells?? 

    Every outfit tells a story which is the fundamental rule of fashion

    Style stories go on from studying  cultural development, historical events to recurring trends (Click here to know your trends). Having a visual style makes you instantly recognizable, for emphasis we look at two famous pop icons ; 

    • Lady Gaga

       Lady Gaga outfits are created from unexpected materials, the use of stage inspired make up at its best makes her one of the must see” artists on the red carpet. She’s a show stopper with a flair of drama !!!

    Red carpet LadyGaga

    • Peep them heels!!!
      Silver shimmer Lady Gaga
    • Rihanna

    Rihanna outfit story comes with a glowing skin pose, a daring hair colour/style looking all sleek with a crowning smile. Rihanna is one figure that can be a minimalist today and she’s  boho tomorrow, not because she has a great stylist but because she knows as an artist, her style  has a voice and creates stories which helps her and her stylist work amicably. 

    Imagine wearing a bikin on a boho skirt and stepping out to the open market not beach stalls, what visual story does it tell??  

    Figure out who you are and be your authentic self.

    Image source: Google

    What’s your outfit story??? What pop icons do you look out for on the red carpet and why?? Do leave your comments, let’s interact 🌼

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    10 Comments Add yours

    1. funny how you choose my two fave female style icons!!!! I love Gaga so much!! like other Beyonce the mother monster is my favorite!!! and Rhianna is just a goddess!!!!!


      1. labakeany says:

        Lol you and Beyoncé, so Gaga is also your fav😀. Thanks Vincent


    2. Ada says:

      Babe I don’t understand this one. You need to tutor me one on one


      1. labakeany says:

        Lol sure thing Ada. I didn’t know myself till I took up a course at Parsons. I would send you a Dm on Twitter .


    3. Finding ones story is definitely an essential. This post is so apt!


      1. labakeany says:

        Thanks Tolu. I hope you find yours and share with me how it goes.


    4. Rihanna is still my favorite. Sometimes (a lot of times) I don’t get Lady Gaga’s style. But her street style game is lit mehn!


      1. labakeany says:

        Lol Lady Gaga is always spontaneous, no one knows what she would turn up in and all that. Everyone loves Riri🙋🏽🙋🏽

        Liked by 1 person

    5. Olaitan Bobade says:

      Rihanna’s style is everything!! She does it effortlessly. And totally unrelated but I don’t see anything up with her forehead probably because mine is big as well. Lol


      1. labakeany says:

        lol forehead gang ✌🏽. I totally agree she slays effortlessly .


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