Echoes of my journey 

It only takes an emotional person to bring life into fiction. Today centres on Oluwasegun Femi Fragile who carries within him a world of limitless emotion which he always seeks to express with his heart as ink in his pen. The Cooking Pen as he known more as, is popular for his heart melting and life-schooling style of writing which he refers to as ‘personal’. He often states that everything about life is his source of inspiration. Author of two eBooks: The Spark in My Quiet World and Letters to God (Drop your mail in the comment to receive) which was nominated as best fiction for the Nigerian Writers Award is also a consultant on love affairs. He is driven by his purpose to help in their pursuit of happiness. Femi fragile blogs at, a platform he uses to cure the emotional curiosity of his readers. A lover in search of himself, his words “No one who is missing is capable of loving. Find yourself!” With the recent release of an ebook titled “Echoes Of My Journey” an insightful analysis of a man’s pursuit of his choice(s) and his daily travel to his desired destination. It unveils in expressive details how he treads, adjusts to change, embraces pain and his communication with the voices in his head. Echoes Of My Journey is one filled adventure embarked on with mixed feelings; a sojourn of purpose with the will to conquer oneself or not. A trip on which Femi thirsts to strike a balance against the heaviest storm without which it will be difficult to attain relevance. 
 Without doubt, this book  serves as a motivation to everyone out there battling with negativity. It is a fusion of motivation, fiction and gratitude. A twist blend of harsh reality and lingering hope; it strikes the mind to question the actions of the body yet leaves one something to smile about. 

 It is an imperfect but worthy work of art and you should get it. Click HERE to grab a copy. 

“No one who is missing is capable of living. Find yourself!” Echoes of My Journey will be the hallmark of a new beginning, for you.

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  1. Femi Fragile is indeed an amazing writer and vast in relationship knowledge. Started following him last year and his account is one of favs on instagram.


    1. labakeany says:

      I agree . Thanks Oyinda

      Liked by 1 person

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