Ghingham style|| Styling tips and inspiration 

Brigitte Bardot famously wore a pink gingham dress when she got married which started a trend causing a shortage of this fabric in France. Fresh and fun pose with various versatile ways to go is all Gingham strikes which is why a comeback is happening though I’m on the notion it never went. 

Gingham is a medium-weight balanced plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn, where the colouring is on the warp yarn and always along the grain (weft). 

 Gingham has no right or wrong side with respect to color.

Here are some oldie yet goodie Ghingham style inspiration 

  •  As a set: This look can be achieved with minimal accessories and still touchdown in style.

Go Cool Go Gingham!!!
Minimalist Blue!!!

  • As separate: With different layer cut outs and colour shade, Ghinigham serves well in style details department

Spot the ruffles outline #trends
Gothic sauce !!!
Blogger museuniform
Blogger stylepantry

  • As accessories : From scarfs which can serve as a neck tie, hair bands or bag ribbons to pointy toe footwears which can jazz up an outfit.
Ghingham footwear #Zara
  • As one piece 

Layer up ☑️
BlueWhite Checks

    With so much love room, ghingham accommodates both minimalist style person to glam style. It’s one fabric print type that doesn’t go out of fashion. 
    What’s your take on Ghingham style??? Do you have/know any fabric print that stays evergreen fashion wise???

    Pictures source :

    Post Word : Just do it, even though it is for the process.   

                                 Labakeany ❣️

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    10 Comments Add yours

    1. Ada says:

      Gingham style.. That’s a new one for me.its a style I know I can rock. Thanks for this insight dear


      1. labakeany says:

        Your welcome Ada, I can’t wait to see you style it.


    2. Oluwatobi says:

      I love this style. I’m glad you put a name to it.


      1. labakeany says:

        Thank you Tobi. I love to see how you style Ghingham.


    3. mzjolaade says:

      I love d fabric, infact m on d lookout for it. Isn’t dis what z usually used as skul uniforms? Lol. Tnx ford inspiration.


      1. labakeany says:

        Yes I also wore it as boarding housewear in yellow checks. You should be able to find it easily. Your welcome Jolade


    4. Nedoux says:


      I enjoyed reading this post. Gingham is a classic print, it always reminds me Boarding School.

      I actually purchased gingham fabric a while ago but procrastination has delayed its transition into a garment. 😀


      1. labakeany says:

        Hello Nedoux. I wore it in boarding school also, mine was in yellow checks. Turn it to a garment, let me steal your style☺️


    5. tonyeigbani says:

      It was the table cloth in my secondary school dining room so I hated it for a very long while. I have a few things in this print now and I like it!.


      1. labakeany says:

        I think we all didn’t take it as style in secondary school. Thanks Tonye


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