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Hello everyone!!!  How amazing it is that my thoughts became a reality, I have been thinking on how the read feedbacks from “The SmartMoney Woman”  has been impressive so far ( Here’s why it’s a must read ), and how it should be more than a good read and I was happy to stumble on Tuke’s instastory about a follow up forum with the aim of  Talking about the book, its impact in our lives and creating sustainable habits from its  lessons.  

Today’s post is one of the upcoming blogpost series titled financial freedom and growth. Enjoy!!!

  Kemi Onabanjo starts off as the moderator with a key sentence  

My name is Kemi and I love to build wealth.

Taking a moment to savor  the choice of words, “My and I ” down to “Love to build” which states it’s not a bask in the moment, some people lean in the mindset category that learning is only learning when it ends on a university degree(Bsc.) level.

Learning is a daily growth need and does not have to be field restraining!!!

Best part of the forum was the icebreaker interaction which was the first on the agenda where guests did a personal brief introduction on reason of attendance and shared some money challenges experience. One of which is the fact that money becomes fast & easy to spend once it is easily accessible and with team players consisting of Ussd transfer codes, internet banking, Debit cards etc , even from the comfort of your home airtime credit can be purchased with just the dial of some codes to finish the juicy talk one was on before the voice operator came up with the regular your airtime has been exhausted announcement. The big question becomes with all these access, how do we save for future goals and rainy days. 

Tip: Endevour to have restrictions on the “saving account”. I’m talking about no debit card or  internet banking access, maximum access goes to text message alerts on credits which a more safe option can be email alerts. 

Rainy days and future goal accounts??? 

Rainy days otherwise known as the emergency fund account is one to have just incase an emergency need occurs, be it a new phone or quick impromptu travel or a job change that is about to go down yet no new job is in place and the need to leave the present is body pinching . A rainy day account has to be in place to sustain the individual lifestyle. 

Lifestyle is one word I hear often, which makes me think. What lifestyle do I have now??? What type of lifestyle do I envision to have in their nearest future???  To know your lifestyle value is the first step to financial freedom, you get to know what and where your money goes. Does the chunk of your money go to “feeding bills” or the impromptu family duty call(s).  Ekene of thekinkandi.com suggests a financial phone app called Wally,  Wally helps keep track of your spending with amazing features such as:

  1. Categories & Social which offers the purchase question of  where and why.
  2. Plan & Manage as this offers a total control of your money.
  3. Review shows your progress and room on improvement.
  4. Scan & Save which is my best as this enables purchase receipts to be scanned, goodbyes to receipts fading off or the misplacing of them also. 

Note: This works hand in hand with personal discipline!!!  Once the lifestyle path can be accounted, cut down of allocations and new ones can be infused.  Next post talk centers on future goals, what it entails and how to kick start them.

Wally app description
Wally app description

All in all, it was an amazing event with no “hold backs” as real experience was shared. Cheers to  Circle seven . 20 events, the moderators Kemi Onabanjo and Toyosi Adekoya , Karika and to women supporting women 💯

Let’s interact !!! What kind of lifestyle do you envision for yourself  future wise and how is it presently ??? What’s your money experience ??? 

Post word:  One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.  

           Arthur Ashe ❣️

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  1. Nedoux says:

    I’ve been meaning to read this book. Financial wisdom is so necessary. 🙂


    1. labakeany says:

      Please do, it is very enlightening. The financial post series would be as detailed as possible.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dee Awata says:

    I love this book for so many reasons thanks for this post dear


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