Style guide to Korean fashion.

Fashion is a form and Korean style is one not to conform to a straight form catering to simplistic style  with basic aesthetics and some twist, Korean fashion style is top notch. 

K-style #Marishe girls

Here’s how to achieve the Korean fashion style; Note there is no restrictions nor specific style category rule to achieving the k-style. 

  • Americans heritage is their  good old jean and with the evolving of style we have various jean cut outs. Jeans did not become a “go to wear” on the grounds of  comfort but for the effortlessly balance it gives when paired with an edgy statement or drama piece, be it in form of color to exaggerated clothing proportions or prints. 

Modern Korean style

Statement pieces are the visual focus of your outfit!!!

Statement pieces

Jumping off to flare cuts with a romantic appeal. K- style turns classics items into edgy vibes like the addition of a sequin blazer to a crop halter top paired on a wrap bottom, choice of accessories can be a messenger bag instead of a big structure bag or a scraf. 

Girly in style

K-style is style fusions all working together as one.

  •  Throw off the bothering stilettos and jazz up to some wedge heels or flats. Mules right now is one hot footwear that works any outfit. 
  • Accessorizing can be a scarf as a neck tie, bold earrings and chunky wrist jewelry, wearing a sock, hats to head warmers depending on the weather and your comfort. 
  • Play with colours, find a blend or a twist to your outfit. 
  • Less can be more, but the less has to say a lot to stand alone.
  • Buy the drama pieces like the asymmetric prints or overlaying proportions clothing. 

Lastly have an facial expression for you represent k-style and it is an expression!!!
Picture source: Pinterest 

What’s your take on Korean fashion, do you like the fact that it is a fusion of various style forms??? Hit the comment, let get talking. 

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  1. This pictures are so cute. Loving 😍 them.


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      I know right. Thank you dear

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