Getting closer to the end of December, can you believe 2018 is almost over? Soon we’ll be welcoming 2019, one thing I do is getting the year wrong every time I have to write out dates, does this happen to you as well?
Naturally, we’re in a period of reflection, from going through our actions of months past to deciding new year resolutions and all the while Ticking boxes on our 2018 resolution checklist.
For me, it is a bit of a mix. I started the year 2018 with a change of jobs, I was working in a pharmacy and now I work in an apparel company where we mass produce garments and also train people on sewing construction and pattern drafting. 2018 has been a challenging year, one where I faced working with a couple of designers, meeting their garment style, fitting wise and sewing construction wise all under tight time frames.
The High point of the year came when I entered the green access fashion competition and was part of the top 5 and got to showcase at the Lagos Fashion Week ’18. Right now, I am working on an “Essential Garment” collection which is to show what I believe every woman should own clothing wise, to be released sometime in January’19. What do you believe every woman should own clothing wise?
My personal life has been on a mini roller coaster if there is anything like that, I made new friends, got more in control over my emotions in terms of expressing and acting on it, experiencing a closer connection to my creator and I got to feel what it is to really “Let Go and Let God be”.
Learnt about emotional intelligence at a train the trainer boot camp organized by my company, still working on living by it. Gearing up to be more time conscious, feeding myself in all areas that needs growth, alongside putting the same mindset of work deadlines and prioritize my life needs and wants. I guess it is also discipline related where I make plans and see them through, A wise man once said “Labake, you’re energy inefficient”, I did not understand then, what he meant was, I expend too much energy doing less important stuff.
Very hopeful of the remaining days of the year 2018, it has been beautiful, breaking me and reshaping me. A new mantra I picked up is “My stars are made from my scars”. See you in year 2109 physically and social medially, be beautiful and positive for your stars are made from your scars. Xo!!!

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