Event report || Styles from American Music Awards #AMA’s

Hello fellas!
Apparently Lagos, Nigeria isn’t the only country having fashion events this season. The American music awards #AMA’s was another lit event recently held. Different outfits style from Colour to the Design cuts to the Face attitude served, here’s my take on the event

About That Curves X Black Affair

I totally love the dress cuts on these gorgeous women, Check out the slits #ThighLegGame 💪. The slit trend was totally rocked in the American Music Awards,  check out Christe Tigen’s silt slay and yes John Legend and Christe are one of my favorite couple alongside The Obama’s of course.

Silt if you dare #ChristenTigen

It’s a bit too much for me personally but then again it’s not everyday that you get to run the American Music Awards runway and her skin is flawless so ✌.

Flower X Flare

I love the mix blend of this outfit, from the hand flare details to the black bow #Details is everything.


What’s Music Awards without my 1D,  Congrats to Zayn Malik he won the award for New Artist Of The Year. 

#Major key #Dj Khaleed

That bomber jacket 😍, reminds me of Oparaboy Aso Oke,  he wore it for Heineken Lagos Fashion Design Week and it’s so detailed, I love to order for one and you can also click here to contact Oparaboy. Ps. It comes in Ankara fabric also.

Oparaboy bomber jacket

Classics from Tarajiphenson, Ladygaga and Gigi all slaying the white look.

White Classic

Nice simplicity look from the trio, Lady Gaga Hatitude sauce is fierce. I’m loving Tarajiphenson  face game, the simple jewelry and hint of her Cookie Lyon fierceness. Is it me or is Gigi giving this Angelina Jolie signature look??

Fur fur fur!!!

Hello fur lovers in the house, Keke Palmers is all shades of smooth.

Arianna Grande

Ariana is one to always look lacy and frilly. No disappointment from her end and girl is serving some face game side to side. Congratulations on your Artist of the year award.

Janelle Monae

Selena Gomez


Congratulations to all the artists both nominated and the winners, I look forward to more amazing music (Singles & Collaboration).

Shades of Gigi

Which is your favorite look of Gigi (L-R) and other celebrities??  For Gigi look mine is the second counting from the right, the whole fringe and other details 💅.
Ps. Images are Google images

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Ada says:

    They are all fashion killers. I like ciaras style too http://www.adagirl.com.ng


    1. labakeany says:

      She really rocked her baby bump well. And the incorporation of the white is what gets me.. Thanks b


    1. labakeany says:

      Thank you titi. I can shorten your name right. ☺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. titideyeri says:

        Yes you can 😊


  2. Olaitan Bobade says:

    I love Ciara’s dress and of course Selena. Enjoyed reading this and I like how it isn’t the normal Yay or Nay post on their outfit but a collection of styles.
    The Confident Woman: Joyce Meyer


    1. labakeany says:

      Yay or nay is bruising, I rather pick what I can and move on. Thank you Olaitan


  3. Gurllllllllll…….


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